Tucson Arizona Self Storage Facility On 1st Avenue Fights Cancer: Kure It Facility Spotlight

Funding cancer research is at the heart of the US Storage Centers family because the battle against this disease is deeply personal for many of the company’s employees, and the managers at the new Tucson, Arizona self-storage facilities are no exception. This month we wanted to shine our spotlight on Jesse and Karen Salmon (managers at the Tucson self-storage property located on 1st Avenue, and Reuben Caro, the manager of the our second Tucson storage facility property on Speedway Boulevard.

These managers have done a fantastic job supporting our Kure It Round Up for Research program, and we wanted to take a moment to tell you about these wonderful people and why funding innovative research to fight cancer matters so much to them.

Jesse and Karen Salmon, Managers, Tucson, Arizona North 1st Avenue

Originally the doctors thought that the spot in Jesse Salmon’s right eye was a style or an allergy. They prescribed some eye drops, but the pain and discomfort didn’t subside.  The pain became quite substantial and he was sent to a specialist.  A biopsy was performed and Jesse and his wife Karen learned of the diagnosis: B-cell lymphoma.

Additional growths were found in the lower eyelid and under the upper lid.  Once they were removed, several MRIs and other scans were performed to see if the cancer had spread. Fortunately the disease had been caught early and had remained localized. 

What followed was the most difficult challenge Jesse and Karen had ever faced. Several rigorous rounds of radiation were required, and they took a deep physical toll on Jesse.  

“Jesse is a real tough guy and he doesn’t complain about much, but that radiation was really tough on him,” said his wife Karen.

The burden of grappling with the unknown, countless hours making trips for doctor visits and the worry that accompanies every cancer patient took a toll on the couple mentally, emotionally, and physically.   

For 15 weeks, Jesse endured radiation treatments and multiple MRIs of his head.  Each session lasted about an hour.

“At the time, we were living in Las Vegas, and I was able to receive treatment right away,” said Jesse.  “It might sound strange to others, but I was worried about losing my eye lashes during the treatment. It was just one of those things that probably sounds funny to others, but that thought bothered me at the time.”

At the conclusion of his grueling treatments, Jesse’s eyelashes stayed in tact—although a bit of his eyebrow fell out—and Jesse had beat the disease.

“I still have to do a lot of scans, but I’ve been happy and healthy ever since with a renewed appreciation for life,” said Jesse.

That was four years ago and today Jesse is doing great.  He lost a little bit of vision, and his eye bothers him if he’s looking at a computer all day, but other than that he and Karen are really happy and enjoying life.

“In a time of crisis, everyone pulls together,” said Karen. “ It’s important to have family that’s supportive and positive.”

Since that time, Jesse and Karen moved to Tucson to be closer to family.  The pair noticed an ad on Craig’s list for managers, and it seemed like the perfect fit because they were looking for something they could do together.  Karen had an extensive background in business management and Jesse had several years of experience in law enforcement.  The two interviewed for the job and were hired on the spot.  That was about a year and a half ago and the couple love working at US Storage Centers’ Tucson location on First Avenue
“We love working here and it’s very rewarding being an active supporter of Kure It,” said Jesse.

Research helped to save Jesse, but there is an ongoing need to fund research into treatments at various stages of this and many other types of cancer.  

Learn more about Jesse and Karen, and join our efforts to fight cancer, at our Tucson storage facility located here:

US Storage Centers
2825 N. 1st Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
Phone: (520) 216-7911

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