US Storage Centers - March Madness!

Have you ever wanted to donate to a worthy cause but don’t have the money?  Facebook users can help fund innovative cancer research by hitting the “like” button on the US Storage Centers Facebook page. For the first 5,000 people who do, US Storage Centers will add another dollar to their already generous monthly contribution to Kure It, a non-profit that funds grants for promising cancer research.  Since inception, Kure It has raised over $2.5 million dollars, much of it as a result of self storage industry fundraising.


In 2007, Kure It founder and US Storage Centers Chairman Barry Hoeven set out to raise $1 million a year for cancer research. Since then, many others in the self storage industry have joined in the fight for a “kure” by creating tailored fundraising campaigns or supporting Kure It events.


Jason Lopez, Director of Marketing for US Storage Centers, stated, “As a company, we try to incorporate Kure It fundraising into everything we do, so when we launched a social media outreach campaign, we knew this was a great opportunity for giving back”. 


Here's hoping US Storage Centers gets lots of Facebook engagement, and Kure It gets lots of one dollar donations.

Published on by Kure It.