Barry Hoeven Honored in September

September 2014 was a busy month for our Founder & Chairman, Barry Hoeven.  On Wednesday, September 10, Barry was inducted into the Self Storage Hall of Fame. Friday, Sept. 12, the University Kidney Research Organization honored him for his outstanding achievement in business. In both cancer research and business, Barry is a visionary leader and US Storage Centers is lucky he's ours.

As Barry took the stage in Las Vegas to accept his Hall of Fame recognition, he did not take the opportunity to talk about himself or make a grand speech.  Instead, he took the opportunity to give back and encouraged those in a position of leadership to support the Self Storage Association’s Scholarship Foundation. Within ten minutes, Barry had the room standing in support with pledges of over $275,000. The SSA Foundation Scholarship Program provides scholarship awards toward postsecondary education tuition and fees. Recipients must be employees (or their children / grandchildren) of companies which are direct members of the Self Storage Association and eligibility requirements also include a demonstration of integrity within school and /or workplace and documented pursuit of meaningful education at an accredited postsecondary education institution. 

Without hesitation, Barry took his moment of recognition and selflessly offered it to help others; a true model of care, compassion, and generosity.  As a founder of Kure It Cancer Research and Charity Storage, Barry is no stranger to philanthropy and he has extended that value into his business philosophy for more than 25 years.

Giving back is embed into the culture of US Storage Centers, whether through our Round-up for Research, Store for a Kure, or Charity Storage,  Barry has developed programs that make it easy to give back and support life-saving cancer research from every angle.

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”       John Maxwell

Every day, Barry works to leave behind a legacy of excellence as he inspires the self storage industry to Fight on for a Kure

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