Cancer Statistics

Incidence and Mortality Rates of Kidney, Breast, Prostate Cancers

When compared to breast and prostate cancer, kidney cancer has the highest mortality rate, despite having the lowest projected incidence. In the U.S. alone, roughly 25% of kidney cancer patients will lose their battle this year as compared to 23% of breast cancer patients and 12% of prostate cancer patients. 

Mortality Ratios for Prostate, Breast, Melanoma & Kidney Cancers 23% Kidney Breast 21% Melanoma 13% Prostate 14% All Cancers 38% 2009 Stats from American Cancer Society

And yet, kidney cancer receives approximately 1/17 of the amount of funding as breast cancer and only 1/10 the amount as prostate cancer.

Federal Funding for Prostate, Breast, Melanoma Kidney Cancers Breast 572.6 million Prostate 285.4 million Melanoma 110.8 million Kidney 43.4 million 2008 Stats from (National Cancer Institute). 

Interesting Fact: 

While melanoma has a slightly higher incidence rate than kidney cancer (59,940 v. 51,190) and lower mortality rate (14% v. 25%), the National Cancer Institute provides over three times as much funding for melanoma research than it does for kidney cancer research ($97,199,000 v. $31,055,000).