Lack of funding has slowed improvements in the treatment and care of cancer patients, along with progressive research to find cures for kidney and other cancers. To solve these problems, Kure It has taken an active approach to helping provide the financial resources necessary for finding the cures.

In addition to individual donors, Kure It has been a lead charity among the storage industry. Partnering with organizations such as the California Self Storage Association (CSSA), significant funds have been raised for research through simple contribution programs that collect a little from a lot.

Kure It understands the frustration when it comes to understanding where donations go. To date, nearly ninety percent of donations are given to researchers seeking to find the cure, after they have gone through a competitive grant process. In 2010 Kure It was fortunate to raise $249,098 and spent just $22,475 (9%), on various expenses mostly relating to fundraising events.

As of December 31, 2013, Kure It had awarded $1.4 million in grants since being founded in 2007. An additional $550,000 will be awarded in the Spring of 2014. Please visit our CURRENT RESEARCHERS page to read more about our projects and researchers.