About Kure It

Kure It was founded in 2007 to help eliminate the deficit of cancer research funding for Kidney and other underfunded cancers. To date, Kure It Cancer Research has raised more than $8 million dollars. Kure It Cancer Research is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact in the Fight for a Kure because of the organization’s commitment to three key differentiators:

Immediate Funding

Kure It Cancer Research is committed to granting out all funds raised within six months after each campaign/event is completed, ensuring that donations are immediately put to use in cancer investigations.

Cutting Edge Research

Kure It Cancer Research is committed to funding the best and brightest minds working on the quest for a cancer-free future. Often times this means funding a junior level investigator open to new ideas and outside-of-the box thinking.

Relationships with Researchers

Kure It Cancer Research values and makes every effort to engage with our research community. Visits to labs, check presentations, and Receptions with researchers are unique aspects of the Kure It grant funding process.

Our Founder

Kure It Cancer Research began as a personal mission and quickly transformed into a vibrant nonprofit with a mission to help shape the landscape of cancer research and make a difference for all those touched by this devastating disease.  Founded by Barry Hoeven in 2007, the idea to establish Kure It came after Barry was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1998 while on a family vacation.   Never a man to accept the first offer, Barry began to compile information about his cancer immediately after his initial diagnosis and reached out to speak with prominent specialists in the field. He recognized early on that there was a grave disconnect between the number of people afflicted with kidney cancer and the amount of funding and research being conducted to find a cure. It became clear to him that the fight for his life began with a fight for research funding.

In April of 2007, Barry partnered with City of Hope to create a fund called Kure It! Kidney Cancer Research Fund, which raised over $400,000 with the help of friends, family and colleagues. The aim of the Kure It! fund inspired so many that it was clear Kure It needed to expand outside of a personal fund into something bigger. In January 2010, Kure It, Inc. was established as an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization; allowing for a broader range of research opportunities resulting in a greater impact.

In June of 2016 Barry passed away after an 18 year battle with Kidney Cancer.  His vision continues to inspire the Kure It Cancer Research team every day as we work to carry on his passion, generosity, kindness and vision.  Today, Kure It continues on, striving each day to Fight for a Kure by granting funds to innovative research projects for  underfunded cancers at leading cancer centers around the United States and beyond.