Mary, Peter & Auggie Sardegna

Mary’s Story

Mary, now 29 years old, is cancer free thanks to a pill she has taken every day since she was 9 years old. This “miracle pill” was discovered in a laboratory by cancer researchers.

She had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at age two. The solution at the time was to endure 70 shots every single month. Her parents were told she would only live for 3 – 5 more years. Thankfully, they heard about a clinical trial being conducted in Portland where cancer researchers had developed a revolutionary new treatment. These researchers believed that just one pill a day would work even better than all those shots.

Months have turned into years and over time the toxic effects of her initial treatments have lessened. The trial medication, that one pill a day, has given her a healthy, cancer-free body – and a new life.

“My life is full, and I have hundreds of wonderful options open to me, thanks to a single pill that scientists developed in a cancer research laboratory. I wish I could thank everyone – in person- who helps support cancer research.”  – mary sardegna