Bee Kind                     Bee the Difference                  Bee the Kure

Our Mission

The Women’s Guild “Hive” supports the purpose and activities of Kure It through fundraising, education, and community outreach. Hive members actively go out into the community and work hard to spread knowledge and their passion for supporting cancer research. In addition to creating awareness, members have a great time together and enjoy the company of other women who want to make a difference. Hive members also have the unique opportunity to attend lab tours at some of the country’s top Comprehensive Cancer Centers to learn more about the cutting edge research they are supporting through their time, talents, and treasures.


Women's Guild + Kure It = Saving Lives

Each of us has a reason we want to “Bee the Kure”. There’s something that draws each of us into our role within the Women’s Guild. Why you choose to join our hive may look a little different for everyone. Most of us just want an end to cancer. Many are looking to connect with a community of like-minded women who are fighting to find that cure. Some are joining us to honor a loved one for whom a cure came just too late. We want to ask you, “What’s your why?”

  • Annual dues of $50

  • Meet as a group quarterly with Kure It staff and Women’s Guild officers to learn the current status on fundraising events and cancer research

  • Attend or volunteer at Kure It’s annual fundraisers:

    • Rivals Cup Golf Tournament (traditionally every June)

    • Kure It, Let Save Lives Gala (traditionally every November)

  • Responsible to purchase or procure 2 silent auction items for the Rivals Cup Golf Tournament and Kure It, Let’s Save Lives Gala

  • This is a one-year commitment with the option to continue the following year(s).

As you considering joining our guild we request you ask yourself a question:

What would I do to Kure It? To end cancer would you:

                        -Offer your vacation home as an auction item?

                        -Teach a class to promote fundraising?

                        -Give money towards research projects?

                        -Join our guild to build community and awareness?

What Would You Do To Cure Cancer?