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2023 Annual Report Highlights 


To open our 2023 Annual Report, we must first acknowledge and thank the incredible people that make Kure It a success. Our staff, Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Board and Women’s Guild do an amazing job helping us achieve our goals. But most of all, we must thank all our generous donors. Without your continued support for Kure It, we would not be able to fund the innovative research that helps us move closer to finding cures for these terrible diseases. We are truly grateful for this dedicated team and community that perpetuate Kure It’s accomplishments.

Together we can save lives!

2023 Vision

Prevention Detection Treatment

Three words that can change the trajectory of a cancer diagnosis.

As Kure It celebrates its sixteenth year raising funds for research and working closely with cancer centers across the US; we will also shed some light on current prevention opportunities, early detection and screening protocols, and best treatment options possible.


Working closely with our Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board, Kure It will continue to grant the best and brightest in cancer research, while spotlighting opportunities to share cancer prevention updates and the importance of early screening, reaching out to communities, and sharing our common mission regarding health and wellness.

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Our goal for 2023 is to build on the tremendous corporate and personal relationships we have, while outreaching to new, diverse partners that share our core belief that cancer is curable.

By opening the cancer conversation and creating a safe space to learn and collaborate, Kure It will utilize new opportunities to create impactful programs and initiatives that support our values and partnerships.

Connecting those with like-minded goals and desires to kick cancer to the curb, once and for all!



To address the needs for underfunded cancer research, Kure It partners with the self-storage industry to raise money through a program called Round Up For Research.

Round Up offers recurring passive income that supports Kure Its overhead and assists with research grants.


Expanding Round Up in 2023 offers new opportunities to make meaningful financial contributions to the Comprehensive Cancer Centers we support.

2022 Highlights

Kure It had another impactful year in 2022. As we celebrated 15 years of fighting for a cure, we saw an overwhelming outpouring of generosity from our donors. We surpassed the milestone of $14,000,000 raised since our inception and funded seven new cancer research projects. Although it seemed like each month brought an experience worth noting, we’d like to share a couple of the year’s biggest standouts.

In July, Kure It joined the California Self Storage Association at their annual Owner’s Summit at the Balboa Bay Club. As the charity of choice for the organization Kure It was allowed to share an update on our achievements with attendees and do an appeal for support. What started as a quick presentation lead to a live fund-a-need, spontaneously started by the audience. In a matter of 10 minutes, over $157,000 was raised. The energy in the room was electric and we can’t thank the CSSA or its members enough for their generosity and support year after year. 

Another noteworthy achievement took place at our annual Let’s Save Lives Gala. This year Kure It focused on pediatric cancers, a truly worthy cause. One of our keynote speakers was Dr. Wang from City of Hope, a passionate and promising researcher focused on pediatric brain cancer. Kure It was impressed with Dr. Wang’s upcoming project and decided he was the perfect choice to receive a grant from the gala’s fund-a-need. Moved by Dr. Wang’s presentation and encouraging research efforts, the gala attendees bypassed the $100,000 goal and raised an incredible $134,000.


We want to thank all our donors that joined us in all the big and small moments throughout the year. Your generosity and support allow us to grant funds that are truly making a difference and saving lives. 

Daijaa at Gala 2.JPG



Foundational Funding

City Of Hope

Name of Research Foundation Funded:

Southern California Genitourinary Cancer Research Collaborative

scgcrc logo.png

$107,500 Awarded to

Rivals United 


JinSeok Park, Ph.D

Name of Research Project:

Metastatic Invasion of Fusion-positive Rhabdomyosarcoma Regulated by Intratumoral Heterogeneity” in relation to Pediatric cancer (rhabdomyosarcom).


$100,000 Awarded to

Terry Donahue

Memorial Grant

Mustafa Raoof, MD, MS, FACS

Name of Research Project:

Integrated characterization of cell types, states and molecular programs in Appendiceal Cancer.

$50,000 Awarded to

Rivals United 


Amar Kishan, MD

Name of Research Project:

The Radiographic, Transcriptomic, and Proteomic Foundations of Radiorecurrent Prostate Cancer.

UCLA Health JCCC Logo Color VERT copy.png

$100,000 Awarded to

Medical Advisory Board Fellowship Grant

Dr. Giovanni E. Cacciamani, MD, MSc, FEBU

Name of Research Project:

The correlation between urinary bacteria diversity and tumorigenesis of kidney cancer.

Chao Comprehensive Cancer Center.jpg

$150,000 Awarded to

Barry Hoeven Memorial Grant

Roshan M. Patel, MD

Name of Research Project:

A Radiomic-Based Machine Learning Algorithm to Reliably Predict Vascular Wall Invasion of The Inferior Vena Cava in Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma and Tumor Thrombus.


$250,000 Awarded to

Change happens when goals collide with meaningful impact. 

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