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Women's Guild

The Women’s Guild “Hive” supports the purpose and activities of Kure It through fundraising, education, and community outreach. Hive members actively go out into the community and work hard to spread knowledge and their passion for supporting cancer research. In addition to creating awareness, members have a great time together and enjoy the company of other women who want to make a difference. Hive members also have the unique opportunity to attend lab tours at some of the country’s top Comprehensive Cancer Centers to learn more about the cutting-edge research they are supporting through their time, talents, and treasures.

Kerri Hatfield, Women's Guild President

Kure It Women's Guild Logo-01.png
Kure It Women's Guild Logo-01.png

Women's Guild + Kure It = Saving Lives

 Bee Kind 


 Bee the Difference 


 Bee the Kure 

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