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Round Up For Research

Storage Industry + Kure It = Saving Lives

Kure It is grateful to our Storage Industry Partners across the nation who participate in Round Up For Research.

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To date, this campaign has raised over $3.8 million dollars! 

A Huge Thank You to Our Generous Partners:

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Round Up for Research
  • A funding initiative designed exclusively for the self-storage industry.

  • Facilities, Owners, and Tenants make a one-time or recurring donation to Kure It, as little as 50 cents/month.

  • Customers are asked to "round up" their total purchase and donate that difference to Kure It.

For Participating Locations
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What is Round Up for Research?
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Get Involved

We make it easy to partner with Kure It and provide assistance with set up, training, and supplies.

Kure It will provide you with the following resources:

  • A Starter Kit and training materials for staff

  • Updates on the latest Kure It Cancer Research Grants

  • A fundraising plan that best fits your business model


Please contact Brooke Adams at to get started.

Program Brochure

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